Drizzle Cloud Media Player : Live cloud stream music and movies App Reviews

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Does not find any media on OneDrive

Didn't work as advertised!

Excellent application

Very nice app that allows to create playlists from the media files stored in the cloud!


Not sure yet if I like it. The idea is great but I haven't figured how to create a playlist yet. Once I figure it out I may give it a better rating.

Typical Cloud App

Same as all of the other "free music players" that use cloud, there isn't much to see. Not a wide variety of music and just trying to make a quick profit. 0/10

Excellent app

Real nice to stream my music where I am. UI could be better. Dark theme would be soothing for an music app.

Awesome App

I can stream from any cloud storage now I can play my playlist, my wife's and my daughters :)

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